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What is yoni steaming?

Yoni steaming or vaginal steaming is an ancient holistic practice believed to heal and cleanse the womb. This practice includes sitting over a sauna box in which herbal infused steam is allowed penetrate the vaginal tissue releasing their healing properties. All of our blends start with a basic blend of healing herbs and are then customized based off of your specific needs. It is recommended to steam once a week except when menstruating. This is a great practice to allow yourself to relax and to implement in your weekly self care routine. 
Benefits: - Regulate menstrual cycle- Increases fertility - May reduce fibroids and PCOS - Helps ease postpartum discomfort - PMS symptoms - Cleanses the womb 
Contraindications: Yoni steaming is a great practice for overall vaginal and womb health. However, there are times where it should be avoided:- Pregnant- Actively on menstrual cycle - Ovulation while trying to conceive - Have an IUD - If you have an infection (I.e. genital herpes)